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Fully Customizable Logos

Attaches to any loop type material.

Educational microsite hosting.

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SAMPLE TOTAL Velcro Label QR Code-FLAT.j
Full Color Logo
  • Millions of color combinations

  • Seamless blending

SAMPLE TOTAL Velcro Label QR Code-FLAT.j
QR Code
  • QR code links directly to any website, pulls up a PDF or have us host a microsite catered to your specific needs

Sample MicroSite.PNG
  • Fully customizable microsite.

  • Can contain videos on DME product, educational PDFs, post-op protocols, links to portals, Facebook pages, review sites, the possibilities are endless!

  • Patient's can answer their own questions by scanning the QR code attached to their brace.

  • Reduce calls and questions your medical staff must field.

  • Receive quarterly analytic reports

  • Our average time on page is 5+ minutes vs an average benchmark at 62 seconds.  A good average time is 2-3 minutes and we exceed that!

  • Validate patient interaction

Targeted Marketing
  • Market directly to your patient's network as they wear the brace at physical therapy, the store, in their community, etc.

  • Their network can easily scan the QR logo and get your information.

Quick & Easy
  • No minimum orders

  • No long factory turnaround times

  • No setup fees

  • No long term contracts

  • No hosting fees

  • Have one main practice logo or individual physician logos

  • Easily apply them to any loop style brace: slings, walking boots, post-op knees and of course our CryoKnee and EXCYABIR Hip Brace

SAMPLE TOTAL Velcro Label QR Code-FLAT.j
Sample Site - Total Joint
SAMPLE SCOPE Velcro Label QR Code-FLAT.j
Sample Site - Hip Scope
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