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Delayed Hip Surgery?

You have options while you wait.


Many elective surgeries, such as hip and knee replacements, are being postponed.  This is necessary to ensure proper hospital staff and resources are available to care for patients affected by this virus.  People are being asked to practice social distancing in their communities and also to avoid hospitals and clinics unless they are ill.  In the meantime, what can you do to take care of your painful hip and knee joints?

Whether you are waiting to have an elective hip or knee replacement, or you have just had surgery and are recovering at home, there are ways to improve the health of your joints on your own.


The American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS) recommends applying cold or hot therapy on an affected joint to help

manage your pain if your surgery has been delayed.  They also recommend ice (cold therapy) and compression after your surgery.  Click here for the full article.


The EXCYABIR Hip Brace contains a pouch that can be used to apply cold or hot therapy to the hip joint using a custom designed gel pack.  Simply heat the gel pack in a standard microwave or freeze it.  The pouch can also accommodate a circulating cold therapy machine pad (sold separately).


In addition to cold or hot therapy, the EXCYABIR Hip brace can help reduce pain by modifying the way forces and impact are translated to the hip joint.  Slight abduction and internal rotation forces provided by the patented strapping helps to move impact to less worn areas of the hip affected by osteoarthritis.  Click on the video below for information about how it works.

Frequently Asked Questions about the EXCYABIR Hip Brace:

I still plan on getting my hip surgery, can the brace be used after the surgery?
Yes, the brace can be used to apply cold therapy to the hip postoperatively.  Additionally, your surgeon may want to limit certain at risk movements after your surgery.  That can be accomplished by using the straps on the brace.   Your surgeon can provide specifics on which straps to use.

Is the brace covered by insurance?
Yes.  Most insurances cover the EXCYABIR Hip Brace.  If you have Medicare and a secondary insurance the brace is usually covered at 100% after your deductible.  You will be provided an estimate for the out-of-pocket expense, if any.  You have the right to decline the brace if the cost is too great.  We check your insurance benefits and submit for authorization if needed. 

Can you mail me the brace?
Yes.  We can pre-fit the EXCYABIR Hip Brace based on left or right hip, height and waist measurements.  If self-adjustment is needed after you receive the brace, it can easily be done with a pair of standard scissors.

What if I need help with the brace?
We have multiple platforms in which we can assist you with applying the brace.  You'll talk or video call with a trained medical professional based in the US.  In-person visits are available in Arizona if you are not showing any symptoms of COVID-19.  There are also several great fitting videos available here.  FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Zoom, and many other platforms are available if you live outside of Arizona.

How do I get an EXCYABIR Hip Brace?
A valid prescription from a health care provider is needed to initiate the process.  This could be your orthopedic provider or primary care physician.  Most are willing to provide the prescription without seeing you in person again or discuss during a phone call or tele-medicine.  Have your provider a write a prescription for "EXCYABIR Hip Brace [LEFT or RIGHT], HCPC: L1686".  We also have a blank prescription available for download here.  Need us to assist you and fax the form to your health care provider?  Contact us and we will gladly help initiate the order. 

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Extension Protection

Limit hip extension with our patent pending strapping design.  Protect capsular repair after THA or arthroscopy.



Integrated pouch holds most cold therapy machine pads or a gel cold/hot pack.  Get cold therapy precisely where its needed.

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Dial in abduction with out patent pending "Y" strap.  Help protect repairs, stabilize the joint and prevent hip dislocations.


Internal / External


Limit internal or external rotation of the hip with a patent pending strapping system.  Especially useful when patient is sleeping supine.  Reduce capsular forces.

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