• Designed with comfort in mind for nighttime wear

  • Simple to apply and easy to take off

  • Integrated cold therapy or hot/cold pack

  • Low profile design can be used with crutches or a front wheel walker

  • Breathable lightweight material

  • Allows micromovement when straps are tightened

  • Reduces over tightening

  • Creates dynamic and natural feel for patients

  • Reduce external/internal rotation

  • Limits extension/flexion

  • Provides abduction

  • Great trochanter compression

  • Fits most circulating cold therapy pads (universal & hip)

  • Accommodates most hot/cold packs 

  Waist Buckle  

  • Quick release waist buckle

  • Padded for comfort and night time wear

  Dial in Tension  

  • Easily dial in the correct tension with little effort

  • Simple pull to release function

  Thigh Strap  

  • Rubberized tabs for easy removal and application

  • Padded and elastic material enhances comfort

  Breathable Lightweight Material  

  • Inner and outer soft-to-touch perforated material increases comfort

  • Lightweight and low profile enough to sleep in  

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